Fire Safety

In the context of the compliance of a new installation, rehabilitation or new project, the definition of the level of safety related to fire risk is a key factor.
Because the safety of people and goods is at the heart of our concerns, SEGITEC provides a wide range of solutions and services covering all aspects of this expertise.


  • Fire security audits
  • Fire alarm control panel.
  • Fire / Gas detection automated systems.
  • Combustible and toxic gases / vapours and oxygen detection systems (fixed / mobile).
  • Gas automated extinguishing systems (CO2 / Clean agents).
  • Water / Foam / Mist extinguishing and cooling systems.
  • Leak detection systems for water and hydrocarbons.
  • Signalization, horns, beacons and FSS accessories.
  • Access control system / CCTV.

Some projects

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